Redefining the Way Companies View Hiring

Fortitude was founded with one goal in mind: To help businesses develop productive “locker rooms.” Fortitude’s founders came from a top 5 consulting/staffing firm that fed off of high turnover clients, because that meant more openings, which led to more placements and higher revenue. With the demand for tech talent ever increasing, the traditional “body shop” model is profitable in the short term, but eventually clients will turn to another shop, producing a never ending, detrimental cycle. Another flawed concept that most CEO’s or Executives believe, is that in order to retain top talent they have to pay them more, but in reality the reason why people chose to stay or leave a company is not based off of his or her salary.  After consulting with over 200 clients in their previous jobs, the founders learned what most companies have overlooked; Culture is the heartbeat of every company, the rest stems out from there.  A disjointed culture will produce turnover, poor results, and revenue losses; while a coherent culture produces results, drives profits, and retains top talent.

The founders saw all of this as an opportunity to revolutionize hiring & onboarding processes within the tech industry. Both are former collegiate athletes and have been leaders and captains on their sports teams at every level.  The mindset created in this type of role has given them a more consultative approach towards helping companies figure out how to cultivate their culture to drive profits & retain the company’s top talent.  Fortitude teaches companies how to embrace cultures that inspire people, attract the best talent, and how to retain that top talent.

At first glance, one might think that this would result in fewer placements for Fortitude, but in reality it has, and continues, to produce long standing partnerships with clients that now exclusively use Fortitude’s services. 

Since 2007 Fortitude has helped several hundred clients attract the top talent, obtain the top talent, and retain that top talent by educating companies on how to create a dynamic and profitable culture.  

With over 30,000 firms providing staffing solutions we knew we had to uniquely stand out, especially while building a name for ourselves. We accomplished this through our employees and the candidates we presented.


“We embrace change with enthusiasm and love solving big, meaningful problems. We continuously invest in ourselves — work environment, benefits, colleagues, emerging technologies and training tools — so that we are best prepared for change. We believe in ourselves as being exceptional at our craft and we insist on setting the bar high for current and future colleagues.”

The same principles and processes we instill in our clients, we abide by internally.

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We build for success

Our top priority is to train and develop each employee for long-term prosperity.

Unlimited growth

With our aspirations and our industry need, our potential is limitless.

Relationships are key

Great relationships with both our employees and our clients are vital to our overall achievements.