The technological landscape is always evolving.

The technology industry is the fastest growing industry in the world because it is always evolving; one thing that is certain, is that it doesn’t wait on YOU.  Researchers estimate that on average, technology doubles in advancement every 11-14 months; which means if you’re utilizing technology that is 2-3 years old, there is something out there that is 4-8 times more advanced.  Companies don’t have time to be stagnant or indecisive, because the technologies they utilize impacts their growth more than they know.

You know what your technology can do, but will you ever get it there?      

When most C-Level people evaluate technology, they focus on how it impacts areas such as: cost savings, revenue growth, communication, efficiency, productivity, competitive advantage, etc.  These are all important questions, but one question they oftentimes fail to ask is “what will it take for our technology organization to get that technology to where we want it to be?”  If several technologies have similar functionalities, then let Fortitude be your conduit into the marketplace.  One of our primary goals is to inform our clients on the resources available within their market.  This allows them to understand the supply, associated cost, and level of talent affiliated with the people who will be integrating and supporting the technologies they select.  Since our inception, Fortitude has partnered with organizations (small, medium and large) with the thought that not only can we help each client get closer to the cutting edge of technology so they attract the best talent in the marketplace, but we can also help them maximize their technologies’ capabilities.

Your technology tells your employees and candidates everything – without saying a word. 

Here are some staggering facts:

Say they will look to leave a company once they feel their company’s technology is outdated.

Technology employees feel that they need to leave their current company in order to advance their careers.

Percentages of workers who state that technology is a key factor in whether or not they would accept a job offer.

Technology isn’t exclusively used to increase productivity, revenue, or efficiencies – it also sends a powerful statement to your workforce that you are committed to their success by providing them with the best possible resources. Fortitude has a referral network that is comprised of the best tech talent in the marketplace; and that talent wants to know about a company’s culture, career path and where the company’s technology stack is headed. In order to earn the trust of the top candidates in the market, we must have an in-depth knowledge of our clients so that we can help educate those highly sought-after candidates on that particular client’s vision.

We pride ourselves on matching the best talent with the right opportunity; and that entails more than evaluating a “required skillset.” Unlike some of our competitors, we don’t want “residual business” to be back filling employees who leave to go elsewhere for a better opportunity.  Our goal is to earn residual business that stems from providing our clients with great talent that stimulates the company’s growth, resulting in the need for additional employees. 


We build for success

Our top priority is to train and develop each employee for long-term prosperity.

Unlimited growth

With our aspirations and our industry need, our potential is limitless.

Relationships are key

Great relationships with both our employees and our clients are vital to our overall achievements.