Wellness Initiatives

Your employees are the most valuable asset to your company, so it pays to invest in their health and well-being. Wellness programs that boost the physical, mental, and emotional health of staff are growing in popularity across the country. However, many companies struggle to get these programs off the ground. We have recently incorporated an hour and forty five minutes for lunch so that each employee has an opportunity to be active during the middle of the workday. We have a corporate gym membership with Xsport Fitness, which is conveniently located near each of our offices.

Formal Mentoring Program

On-the-job mentoring is a significant part of our work environment. Each new employee is assigned a Mentor who serves as a point of contact when it comes to learning our business, as well as acclimating you to our industry. This encourages a collaborative culture among all departments. Fortitude’s formal Mentoring program is proud of our efforts. We have increased promotion timeframes since the inception of the Mentor program.


For us, we define our success by our employees. We live by the motto, “happy employee = happy clients and consultants.” Our focus has always been on acquiring top talent and making sure they are happy and can grow not only within their career and consulting skills, but also in other practical areas throughout the organization.

Opportunities to Advance

Each employee in our company has the opportunity to open a new office, run a department, run a division, even become a VP! Yes, we understand that every employee will not get to those levels but the opportunity is absolutely there for the taking. Those who deserve promotions, receive them immediately when ready. We have nothing holding us back and WE ONLY PROMOTE FROM WITHIN!

Extended Beyond

Many of our top clients and other companies have engaged with us to learn more about our best practices and how to apply them to their organizational change strategies. We recognize that we’re operating in the same unpredictable and constantly changing environment that many businesses are today, so we’ve developed a number of strategies and best practices to help organizations of all sizes create a culture where their employees and businesses can thrive.

  • Open office environment & Open Door Policy with the executive team
  • Corporate Cell Phone Plan
  • Regular out of office activities
  • Free living in our corporate apartments (employees relocating and traveling)
  • Unlimited expense accounts regarding company growth, both internally and externally
  • Medical, Dental, Vision insurance (United Healthcare)
  • PTO
  • 401k
  • Private Stock Plans
  • Topnotch Commission & Bonus Structures