Have questions? We have answers.

What makes you different?

Our people and our process make us different. Our people are drive a solutions based process that identifies and attracts the top 25% of the candidate market.  Our people are committed to creative problem solving and partnership by serving as a point of contact before, during, and after the hiring process.

We are streamlined. You deal with one person throughout the entire vetting, interviewing and onboarding process.

What do you specialize in?

We specialize in understanding needs and attracting the best people for each opportunity we work on, as well as process improvements.

What is your average turnaround time?

Any turnaround time depends on a situation – our streamlined process typically begins with in person interviews 48-72 hours after a position is discussed.

What types of companies do you typically work with?

We work with any company that is committed to finding the best people for their openings.  Given the market and frequency of opportunity, we typically partner with technology companies and technology departments of any company.

How do you find your candidates?

We maintain relationships and communication with a referral based network. We also use recruiting websites and LinkedIn.

What is your pricing model?

Our pricing model is typically a 6mo-perm model.  We derive a bill rate based on the candidates first year salary, overhead, and a placement fee  - this bill rate is charged for each hour worked for the first six months of a candidate’s employment  with our client.  After six months our clients are free to convert our candidates over to FTE status with no charge.


We build for success

Our top priority is to train and develop each employee for long-term prosperity.

Unlimited growth

With our aspirations and our industry need, our potential is limitless.

Relationships are key

Great relationships with both our employees and our clients are vital to our overall achievements.